About Us


NGUNI is a black ethnic group that resides in Southern Africa predominantly Ndebele people in Zimbabwe and mostly Zulu in South Africa.The Ngunis are considered with history till date as Royalty. The idea of creating Nguni Products was about introducing the world to our proud heritage of royalty and excellence.All the main ingredients date back to just our region but all of Africa, as we have been known for using herbs for our skin and hair to enhance appearance.

We then decided to create products that derive their true essence from nature thus "Using Nature to Nurture"

Nguni Organics was founded on the 3rd of March in 2019.The first year in this journey Nguni Organics managed to bag 2 Awards in Germany. We have also had the pleasure of being featured in the ZimAbroad Magazine. Even though we have mentioned we don´t do it for the awards but for the people to experience a piece of our African Heritage.

Embrace your Royalty with Nguni Organics